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  • Help you to determine your future, focusing on your personal growth and development
  • Inspire you to have self belief and confidence, with high self esteem
  • Empower you to define your own income and freedom
  • Help you to see what you can achieve in your life
  • How to look after your health and enjoy more energy
  • Give you tools and strategies to build inner strength for your life, your relationships, your work and/or business.


  • Be clearer about who you are, your dreams and hopes?
  • Have more courage and be strong in achieving what you want to do?
  • Achieve more energy that keeps you going each and every day?
  • Have the ability to be more influential in your business and life?
  • Take charge of your life and be more disciplined
  • Have more fun, freedom and joy in your life?


  • Are you drowning in overwhelm, stress, anxiety and uncertainty?
  • Do you lack confidence and inner belief to move forward?
  • Have you reached a plateau and don’t know how to become “unstuck?
  • Do you ever feel “not good enough” or worthy of success in your life?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others in a negative way?
  • Are you happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life?

High Performance Coaching

When you work with me you will receive empowering guidance, inspiration and strategies to help you improve your:

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • More clarity for your vision and life purpose
  • Emotional and physical health
  • Better communication skills so you can influence and help others more.
  • Daily routine
  • Have all of your life firing on all cylinders
  • Courage

You will be more focused and energised.

Who Is Lynda Kenny?

Lynda is an ex Social Worker, and a wife, mother of two and a grandmother to six.

Married to Chris, Lynda enjoys living between England and her second home in The Algarve, Portugal.

As a Social Worker, she spent time working in Child Protection before specializing in Foster Care.  In the 1990’s Lynda had the opportunity to assist setting up an Independent Fostering Agency, which was very successful and after merging with other agencies in the same group, it became one of the largest of its kind in the UK.

After selling her shares in the company in 2006, Lynda, instead of retiring, bought a Ladies High Fashion Boutique, which she closed in 2014.

She was introduced to the world of online marketing in 2103 and began a journey of learning new skills and experiences. She hired a coach Ray Higdon, who had a massive impact on her growth, confidence and belief in herself.

Lynda loves working with people and has always worked in the  “people” industry.  She decided last year to become a full time Coach.
“Coaches have changed my life for sure and I know the value of a coach, so much so that I actually became a Certified High Performance Coach so that I could show people how to take THEIR life to the next level!”

In 2017, Lynda published her first book “Turning Poverty Into Success” sharing how a one time struggling, single parent without a penny to her name, turn her life around to be able to travel the world.

Key Posts

Daily Habits To Improve Your Life and Business

Daily Habits To Improve Your Life and Business Daily habits are what you can put into your life to improve your whole well being.  It can impact your business and life in a big way. The daily habits are from Brendon Burchard.  Daily habits I learned from his High Performance Mastermind Academy.  Brendon is a  renowned personal development leader.  Check out his website >>>>> CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BRENDON BURCHARD. Any daily habit that improves your performance is welcomed ...
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Effective Tactics To Help You Change

Effective Tactics To Help You Change Effective tactics can really help with you to change your daily habits and thinking for the better.  We all want to improve the way we do things in our business and our daily lives.  If it makes us more effective then its worth looking at how we implement good effective tactics of our own. I recently completed some training with Brendon Burchard, called Advanced Performance Planning, where he shared 8 tools to help us ...
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Pay Attention

Want To Pay Attention To What Really Matters? Here’s How.

Want To Pay Attention To What Really Matters? Here’s How. Do you pay attention to what you should be during your every day life?   It might sound a silly question but many of us are guilty of paying attention to the stupidest things. Before going any further, stop for a minute or two and ask yourself what you are giving vital attention to right now.  Is it Social Media?  What about watching TV? Is there any part of your ...
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How To Master Your Influence

How To Master Your Influence Influence is a thing you must master if you want to attract more people to you, your life and your business.  Brendon Burchard believes that increasing your influence is more science than an accident. So, how do you master your influence over others so you can gain what you desire in your life?  Below, I share what Brendon calls “influence levers”.  These are strategies you must include and master to influence ALL relationships, both at ...
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The Real Reasons You Should Go After Your Dreams

The Real Reasons You Should Go After Your Dreams

The Real Reasons You Should Go After Your Dreams Dreams, hopes and wishes can fill our imagination but how often do we act upon them?  More often than not, many of us find ourselves trapped by our fears and lack of motivation to do anything about them.  This is despite the fact that you might be unhappy with your lot in life. Why should you go after your dreams? Here are some reasons why you should go after your dreams ...
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